We’ve put together this page in response to the number of messages we’ve been receiving enquiring about submissions.

Firstly, thank you for showing an interest in working with us. We are a small fledgling publisher, and it’s lovely to know that there are so many photographers keen to get involved with us.

We are now accepting submissions for the Collated Observations photozine series for 2021 publication. We have outlined below a little about what we are looking for and how it works.

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Collated Observations is a monthly photozine featuring a different UK-based photographer each issue.

The overriding theme is documenting modern Britain, its topography and society, though each issue will be narrowed down to a more specific topic as set by the featured artist. Some are choosing to submit a varied portfolio with loose theme for inclusion, but a specific project with a strong narrative is encouraged. We are particularly looking for projects that stand out from the crowd, making each issue noticeably different from what has preceded it.

Each project should have approximately 50 images from which the final set will be chosen.

Suggested image choice and sequencing is prepared by us, with a collaborative approach to fine tuning the final set.

Each issue is a short-run hand numbered limited edition of approximately 75-100 copies with no reprints. I am keen to highlight this with a view to them potentially being seen as collectors items in the future.

Format is 210mm x 210mm perfect bound. Full colour. Digitally printed in the UK.

40 pages including end sheets.

150gsm silk paper with 350 gsm covers.

ADM funds production. There will be no financial risk or obligation from the contributors.  However, this is not a big money spinner, the emphasis is on doing it ‘for fun’ and creating some lovely physical printed items. Each contributor will receive £1 back per copy sold (paid monthly), plus one  complimentary copy (a small number of further copies can be obtained at cost deducted from future earnings) .

We are particularly keen to work with photographers who haven’t published books or zines of their work before. Each contributor would also be expected to refrain from publishing other zines/books of their work within three months of their Collated Observations edition being launched and notify the publisher of anything else that may have a direct effect on sales of their edition (i.e. previous titles still in print).

Contributors are strongly encouraged to promote their edition through their social media channels on launch.

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10-20 low resolution images that summarise your project.

A short outline of the narrative (successful applicants would be required to expand this to an introduction of approx. 250 words).  

A brief biography.

Send to: .

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Though we hope to publish photobooks in a similar vein to Odeon Relics in the future, again, we are not looking for submissions at the moment. If you are working on a project that you’d like us to consider down the line, you are welcome to drop us an email about it, but we can do no more than express an interest at this stage.

As with the zines, our focus with future books will be documenting modern Britain, its topography and society.

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Self-publishing has never been easier and cheaper than it is today. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, and marketing and selling your items directly via social media is very straight forward. It’s great fun and can be very rewarding, though at times it can also be quite hard work. If you are considering going down this path and would like to ask questions to someone who has done it a number of times, please feel free to email us. Always happy to help!